Posted by: HisBeauty4Ashes | September 17, 2012

My European Vacation

It was a long time coming, but I’m here on day three of my vacation. Day one didn’t begin as smoothly as I would have liked. I left home 15min later then i wanted to, had trouble at the ticket counter, and was in the security line for about 30min….. which made me miss my flight out of Anchorage by about 3 minutes. I wasn’t the only one to miss it though, so they ended up having to rebook a number of us. I rebooked for 9pm that same night (my original flight was 6am) and went home to wait for the day.

I had two layovers. The first in Minneapolis for 5 hours and the second in NYC for three hours. They were long, but not to bad.


The flight on KLM wasn’t nearly as impressive as when I flew on Turkish Air flying into Israel. The seats were regular seats and the food was less then impressive… But it was what it was. I arrived in London at 7am on Friday and caught a but an hour later for Cheltenham where my family lives. The bus ride was just over 3 hrs.
That first day my brother took to lunch and then to the ruins of Raglan Castle. He was doing his best to keep me awake until bedtime that night. He wanted to get me on schedule as soon as possible. By the time I went to bed that night I was going on about 26 hrs with maybe 3 hrs of of cat naps mixed in there. I slept great that night.

The next day we went into Bath, England. It’s a town famous for its Roman Baths. We ate a wonderful lunch at a place called Wagamamas and walked around town.





Today we all went into Oxford. I learned from Greg that Oxford is not one big college… But a bunch of smaller colleges that is collectively called Oxford. My brother is attending Oxford for his Associates Degree in Creative Writing. We stopped at Maison Blanc for “the best cinnamon Danish I’ve ever had” quoting my brother. We walked around looking around campus, looked in some small shops, and then had lunch.


After lunch, Greg had a meeting he had to attend so Karen and I did a little more exploring and stopped at a cute little coffee shop for tea and coffee. We sat and had a nice talk while we waited for Greg. When he got back we made our way back home. After a nice dinner it’s TV and bedtime.





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