Posted by: HisBeauty4Ashes | February 1, 2011

The past few days….

Sorry I didn’t blog for a few days, but we had long days and I was pretty tired by the time we got home at night. On Saturday we finally made it to The City of David & Hezekiah’s Tunnels. We couldn’t go on Thursday because of the protests starting in Egypt (which caused some small protests here). The military had some streets closed off in case anything happened and there were some small protests…. the next day there were some streets that had large rocks that had been dumped in the streets… but that was all the evidence we saw of anything. The City of David was of course, the city that King David ruled over… and the tunnels were tunnels that Hezekiah had dug under the City of David. There isn’t much left of the city, but the tunnels are still in good condition. ((Pic of me in a tunnel standing in water)). There are some parts of the tunnel that are quite high and wide,,,,, and there are some areas that are so tiny, I had to squeeze thru (all of which is under water about to my knees). **** We went to the Israel Museum and The Holocaust Museum. The Israel Museum has a building that houses the Dead Sea Scrolls. There is a display case that supposedly displays one of the Isaiah scrolls. Most of the scrolls can’t be displayed anymore because they are so fragile.

The Holocaust Museum is one of those places that you go to once and that is enough. A lot of it is hard to see… the pictures and news footage and such. We couldn’t take pictures, but the room that affected me the most was the Hall of Names. It is a 3 story room that holds books. The books record the names of all of the Holocaust victims. The room is 3 floors high,,, the books are about 5 or 6 inches thick,,,, and there are thousands of books! After the museum we went to a Church service that was very nice. Here it is called “Congregation” not “Church”.

Yesterday we went to the Temple Mount (Dome of the Rock), Davidson Archeological Center, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Bethesda, the Southern Gate , and the Hasmoneum Tunnels. The Dome of the Rock is, of course, the place that theJews and Muslims are always fighting over ((pic of the building with the gold dome)).

The Southern Gate ((pic of me standing on steps, alone)) is the gate that Joseph & Mary would have come thru when they brought Jesus, when he was to be circumcised.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is where they believe the tomb of Jesus is stored ((pic of a big gold room-looking-thing inside a grey building))

Bethesda is where the pools of Bethesda were (John 5). ((pic from above of ruins with moss and plants all over the ground.))

The Hasmoneum Tunnels are underground tunnels that run along the Western Wall. Every time Israel was destroyed and then re-built, “ground level” got higher. Each time, the new level was built on top of the old level,,, and thus the Hasmoneum Tunnels.

Today we went to a place called the “24/7 House of Prayer”. It is a praise and worship service that runs at different times and there is always someone there 24/7 in case you need prayer. We then went to the Garden of Gethsemane and the Garden Tomb.

The Garden of Gethsemane is where Jesus went to pray (before the guards came to take Jesus away for trial) and he sweat drops of blood……… Kind of a cool note,, while we were at the Garden today I got to see the evangelist Joel Osteen! He is here for a meeting and was in the garden taping for one of his broadcasts.

The Garden Tomb is the tomb where they believe Jesus was buried before he raised after 3 days.


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