Posted by: HisBeauty4Ashes | January 29, 2011

Jerusalem 1-28-10

Today was a nice day!!!! We were going to explore the City of David, but it was closed. The Muslims were threatening protests in Egypt, so I guess the Israelis wanted to be careful here too, so they had extra security. We went to the Shuk again (the open market). We were there for about hour and a half (I will have video later). I love the open market. Food of every kind, appliances, touristy stuff, piles of candy, etc. There are guys yelling out to the crowd, hawking their breads and meats. The crowds are crazy! I have learned in this country that if you need to be somewhere (driving or walking) you have to push your way there…. or you won’t get there. And it’s not considered rude either.

After the Shuk, we came back to the B&B and relaxed for awhile. At about 3:30pm we headed over to the Old City Jerusalem for the ushering in of Shabbat (The Sabbath). I hope to be able to upload a video today. There were at least a few thousand people if not more. Men and women alike were dancing and singing. Many of who were praying at the Wall. It is the way they usher in the Sabbath every Friday. The Jews Sabbath runs from sundown Fri to sundown Sat.

We came back to the house after about an hour and a half and had a very nice dinner. Salad, vege’s, bread, and beef. It rained most of the night which made it a beautiful morning!

Interesting Note: When we were at the hotel on the Dead Sea, there was a “Shabbat Elevator”  that runs on it’s own over Fri and Sat. it stops on every floor without having to push a button. And in the rooms, there is a system that you can pre set that regulates the heat and turns the lights on and off at pre set times. Devout Jews believe that you should not work on Sabbath and pushing a button (heat-lights-elevator-etc) is work.


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