Posted by: HisBeauty4Ashes | January 28, 2011

Jerusalem/Western Wall


Yesterday was one of the best dayso far! We left our hotel (on the Dead Sea) and headed our next B&B. We saw a Camel herder on the way (out in the middle of nowhere and on his cell phone, haha). We stopped at the sight of an old dig where you can pick up shards of pottery from 2,000-4,000 years old, and take whatever you want (it was pottery pieces that they were unable to fit back together).

((THE PIC OF ME SITTING ON A WALL.))We stopped on an overlook “Haas Promenade” that overlooks the city (old and new).

We will be here for the rest of our Israel stay. It’s a really cute home…. 4 of us girls are up in the loft. The view from the deck looks out all over the city. The night time view is just a wonderful as the day! When we arrived in Jerusalem we drove around the city for awhile. Some of it is really pretty and some of it is very dirty. But it is all fascinating! The trash here is mind blowing!!! TRASH EVERYWHERE! And when I say everywhere…. I’m not exaggerating! The traffic is awful, if you need to be somewhere… you just go there. And I think they teach the children, at birth, how to honk a car horn, lol.

We went into the old city Jerusalem (where the Western Wall is) and walked around for awhile. Last night the Israeli military was having a special ceremony for Paratrooper graduation. We didn’t stay for the ceremony itself, but it was cool to see all of the military all in one place. Here in Israel every person is required to spend a minimum of 2 yrs in the military. Even if you are American and want to live here you must spend 2 years. And you can e

ven come over to join,,, just because you want to join. Some people in our group talked the the parents of an American boy, who was graduating last night. He is Jewish and just felt it was his duty to come over and join for 2 yrs, so he did.  They usually join right out of high school. The military here all cary Rifles wherever they go. Streets, on the buss, in stores,,, everywhere. It’s just slung over their shoulder.

Our first stop was the Western Wall. ((SIDE NOTE)): Much of the world calls the Western Wall, the “Wailing Wall” but I guess that Israelis hate that name. That’s Americas term for it and not Israel’s. There are 2 sections at the wall. One for men and one for women. The women’s side is to the right and a bit smaller then the men’s. And the two places can not come together.  When you walk up to the wall, some people are standing and some are on white plastic lawn chairs. Many of the people have a prayer book (“Sideur” a book of prayers) that they read out of. Some women have their heads covered, but some don’t. When you leave the wall, it is expected that you walk away backwards because it is considered bad to turn your back on the wall as you leave. There are pieces of paper everywhere. For those that don’t know,,, when you pray at thewall, you can leave prayers at the wall written on paper. At the base of the Wall or in cracks (if you can find an empty one).

Being there at the Wall was something I can’t really put into words. You have to be there to fully understand! Yes I know God hears our prayers wherever we are, but there was just something special about being there. I can’t come up with the words, just….. wow!!! Even the feel of the smooth stone under my fingers was special!

After the Wall, we walked around for awhile. I had a Shwarma & Coke for Dinner,,,, with 2 fresh pastries for a snack.

The Old City was a bit different then I expected. Much more modern then I would have thought. Little shops all over the place. Food, trinkets, cloths, fresh baked pastries, among other things. There are beggars on some street corners. And swarms of people everywhere, but I guess it was only that busy because of the graduation. I LOVED IT!!!! If I was to come live here for any amount of time,,, I’d want to live in the Old City!!!

PS: I am perfectly safe!!!!!!!! But……As I am sitting here writing yesterdays blog, I can hear gunfire going off. Today is the Muslim’s hold day also (today is Shabbat “sabbath” for Jews). And I guess the Muslims tend to shoot of their gunsfor,,,,, whatever reason? We will be going back intothe Old City tonight for the official ushering in of Sabbath and then will be having a Sabbath dinner later tonight. See you all again tomorrow.


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