Posted by: HisBeauty4Ashes | January 27, 2011

En Gedi/Qumran/Mesada/Dead Sea

Yesterday was another wonderful day! We left our B&B (our last day at that B&B) and headed out about 7am. On our 3 hour drive to our next Hotel we stopped three places. From our van, we could see across a small expanse of land, into Jordan. You could tell the differences in terrain from green and pretty (Israels Winter season,,,, which here means it’s green) then to all dry/rocky, but still pretty! We drove thru an Arab community which was strange because you could feel a darkness as you drove thru. We went to Qumran. En Gedi, Masada, & the Dead Sea.

((Pic of me sitting on a wall with a Mt in the background)) Qumran was where a group of Zealots (Essenes) lived. They are the ones we can thank for giving us the Dead Sea Scrolls. They wanted to be as pure as possible and lived with no woman or comforts. They believed that discomfort would bring them closer to God, so at night they even hiked the hills to sleep in caves. They bathed 2 times a day to stay clean before God. Being clean was VERY important to them, but it was what ended up killing many of them…….. parasites in the water.

((Pic of me and a waterfall & another pic sitting & looking to my left)) En Gedi, located on the Eastern edge of the Judean Desert, is the lowest place on Earth! Aprox 400 meters below sea level. It was where David hung out/ hid from Saul (and snuck in and cut off Sauls Tzit-tzit “part of his robe”.) Absolutely amaizing place. I totally see why David hung out there.

Then to Masada. ((pic of me sitting on ground with hands around my knee)). Masada was built by King Herod and was home to Jewish freedom fighters against the Romans. When the Romans finally broke thru… he people of the city decided to kill themselves instead of falling into slavery. Only a few women and children survived. The top is about 450 meters above the Dead Sea. Natalie and I decided to hike it instead of riding the tram. It took us about 55min with catching our breath and taking pictures. Hiking it just made it much more personal!

The Dead Sea was cool and weird at the same time.  (pics to come later) It is true that you can’t sink. Once you are on your back or stomach, it’s really hard to stand up again. It stings BAD if you get the water in any open places on your body (eyes, nose,,,, and um,,,, etc,,,not to be gross, but it’s true… lol ). It smells kinda’ like rotten eggs and feels thick. Last night we stayed at a nice hotel right on the sea.


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