Posted by: HisBeauty4Ashes | January 25, 2011

Tiberius/Boat ride on the Galilee/Jordan River Baptism

Today was wonderful! My favorite day so far! We drove thru Tiberius on our way toGalilee for a boat ride on the Sea

of Galilee. Interesting note: the Sea of Galilee is actually the Lake of Galilee. I asked my group, but nobody knows why it’s called a sea and not a lake? The boat ride was so much fun! There was a light haze on the lake, but not too cold. Just a nice breeze. The water was calm and the view beautiful.  The man who owns the boat is a Christian and while the boat was sailing, he played a CD of Christian music that is sung in half English and half Hebrew. The music just made the ride so much more special! We stopped at one point and the captain demonstrated how they would have fished during Jesus’ time. Knowing you sailed on the same waters as Jesus did, is something special.

We ate lunch at a place called Arbel. It is the of a mountain with an amazing view of all over. While we were up there, one of the men spotted a Goat and then realized she had a baby with her. SO CUTE!!! We found out later that the baby was born yesterday. I gave momma my apple and she seemed to love it. If you see my pics (and a video I will try to add to facebook tomorrow) you will see some pictures. (and the video of one of our guys holding the baby,, lol). It was an amazing place to eat lunch!

Next we went to the Jordan River to be baptized. It is a place you have to pay $10 for a robe & entrancefee. But we all got baptized and it was a moment I will treasure.

I have already been baptized,

but how can you pass up being baptized in the Jordan River?

The water was cold, but once you were in it wasn’t too bad. One of the girls on the trip with me, Natalie, baptized me. We were all cheering, whooping, and laughing. When we were done, a woman approached a few of our group and just reamed us. Telling us we shamed ourselves by laughing and clapping. We shamed ourselves because we were dressed inappropriately (we were in t-shirts, shorts, or bathing suits) and the robes we had to rent,,,, so we were dressed just fine. It was just we “shamed-shamed-shamed” it was sad! I guess she was the “religious police”? She didn’t work there or anything,,,, she was just pissed off I guess? LOL! But none the less,,,,, it was a blessed time!!!

On our way home tonight we stopped in town and just walked around for about two hours. Just w

alked thru the shops and window shopped. The area we were in had almost no English…. almost totally Hebrew which is kind of cool. Beautiful evening to walk around and enjoy the weather and the local night life.


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