Posted by: HisBeauty4Ashes | January 22, 2011

HaCarmel Assembly/Mt. Carmel/Arab Restaurant

Last night was our first night at the new B&B. A very cute home with three levels. Took a cold shower because we have to flip a switch to turn on the hot water heater (and we didn’t know it,, haha). I had a nice leasurly morning with coffee, yogurt, olives, bread, & avacado for brakfast. The weather today was just beautiful! We headed out about 9am, for an hour drive to HaCarmel Assembly for a church service. It is a Jesus believing congragation that is spoken in Russian, Hebrew, and English. The English was spoken over headphones.

Then after service, we went up higher on Mt. Carmel to the Mt. Carmel Monastery. The sight where the Monastery stands is believed to be the sight in (I Kings 18) when Elijah called down fire from Heaven to consume the sacrifice & overcome (and eventually slaughter) the prophets of Baal. 

The way people drive here is crazy. Many of the roads are very narrow with twists and hairline curves. The drivers here seem to honk at each other more then they do in NYC. If you want to be somewhere,,, you just go there and the other drivers had better be watching out,,, lol. There will be one lane of road,,, with two lanes of drivers,,,,,, and cars parked on both sides of that one lane road! So in other words, imagine fitting 4 lanes of cars on one lane of road!! (not kidding!)

On our way to the Church service and then to the Monastery (on a very narrow and winding road) we passed thru a Druze community. The Druze faith believes that the Messiah has not come to Earth yet. And they believe that when the Messiah does come…. he will be born as a baby….. AND A MAN WILL GIVE BIRTH TO HIM! I will attach a picture of a statue (above right) of a man with a sword). In the picture you can see an older man who is wearing very baggy pants. He is wearing those pants, so if he is the one to be chosen to give birth to the Messiah, there will be room in his pants when the baby drops out of the mans “backside”. (Yes that is what they really believe)!

After the Monastery, we piled back into the van for another narrow and winding drive to an Arab Restaurant. The restaurant serves plates of flat bread with about a dozen different toppings for the bread. (see picture). After the meal, we were served Turkish Coffee and Baklava. And now we are back at the B&B. Some are playing cards. Others are just relaxing.


I can’t even properly put into words what this place is like. I encourage each and ever Christian to visit Israel if at all possible!!! I can’t fully explain it, but being here is just. . . . . right. And again, if you go to my facebook pictures, there are a lot more pics from today under the folder “HaCarmel Assembly/Mt. Carmel/Arab Restaurant” Love you all!



  1. Great info. Those same roads are pretty common here in Europe. MORE VIDEOS!!!

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