Posted by: HisBeauty4Ashes | January 21, 2011

Tel-Aviv, Mediterranean, & Ceaserea

Hello again and sorry it took me a few days to write again. I didn’t have Net last night, so here I am now. We had a nice trip getting here to Israel! Turkish Airlines was AWESOME! The seats are much more comfortable then the airlines in the states. The seat bottoms recline too (not just the backs) so they were very comfortable! Each seat had a TV with free movies, music, and games to choose from. They also served two full meals (dinner and breakfast). For dinner I had a pasta meal which was great. The flight was just under 9 hours, but with the movies, it made it go by quite quickly. I didn’t get his name, but I sat next to a pretty cute Turk! (LOL!) We had a 2 hour layover in Turkey. The airport was very nice. They had many stores that sold Turkish Delight and had plates-and-plates of free Turkish Delight samples (I had a LOT of samples…lol). I have also learned that foreign countries love their high end name brand clothing.

We arrived in Israel to beautiful weather. The airport here is very nice too. Our group leader was there waiting to pick us up. We headed right out to our B&B. A really cute place run by a Christian couple. Our leader Kathy wanted to keep us awake to a certain time at night (not to go to bed too early) so she took us to Tel-Aviv for dinner and shopping. We had Schwarma for dinner and then walked around and did some shopping. I uploaded a video on facebook (the video with the Muslim “call to prayer” in the background)……. so you can see where we were shopping. I found out that here in Israel, wild house cats (yes like kitty cats) are a protected species (no joke) and they are EVERYWHERE!!! We also swung by the Mediterranean Sea for a few seconds. I was really tired by the time we were done shopping and slept great!!!

This morning we got up and had a nice breakfast. Here, they have mainly fruits and fresh vegetables for breakfast. We packed up and headed out early. First we stopped at the Roman Aqua-ducts I have seen them on TV many times and it was so awesome to see in person. We then went to Ceaserea. It was so very cool to see the Roman Coliseum, and the Hippodrome (Hippodrome was where they raced with horse and chariots…. Ben Hur kinda stuff). There were other ruins as well. When I was done looking at the ruins I sat with a cup of good coffee & then purchased a beautiful Israeli necklace.

After we left there, we headed to Poryya to our B&B that we will be at for the next 4 days. Today is Sabbath so we had to stop to get food for Sabbath dinner. We missed all of the grocery stores before they closed down (for Sabbath) but praise God we found an outside market that was still open in Tyberius. It was really cool!!! Fresh friuts, vege’s, nuts, dates, breads, olives,…… YUMMY! We then arrived at our B&B and began fixing dinner. We had a beautiful Shabbat dinner. We are now sitting and relaxing. This place (Israel) is not what I expected,,,, but in a good way. It is an AMAZING !!!! It blows my mind that I am here! WOW! I will add some pics here,,, but to see them all go to my facebook pics and I will upload in todays (Tel-Aviv, Mediterranean, & Ceaserea) folder. Aqua-ducts


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