Posted by: HisBeauty4Ashes | January 19, 2011

My Israel & Turkey Blog

Well good morning & greetings from New York City. . . WOOP-WOOP! This is my first blog entry on my adventure of a lifetime (so far)!!! I packed almost everything in one med sized Jeep duffle bag & one backpack (to the shock of the other women in my group whom each have at least 2 suitcases and a cary-on… haha). I got a ride to the airport with 2 other ladies that are on my trip with me. My group arrived at the airport 1st and got right thru (the Anchorage airport is the easiest to come and go from)! There are a total of 9 of us going, but 2 others left ahead of us. Soon after, our other travel buddies began to arrive. The air was very light & excited as we began to chat about our adventure. On the plane into Seattle & then into NYC I had an empty middle seat in-between me and the other person in my row. That is always a blessing.

We had a layover of a few hrs in Seattle. Some of us had breakfast and chatted,,,, some of us slept. When we arrived in NYC it was overcast and rainy. We had to walk a ways for our shuttle, but it finally arrived and whisked us away to our hotel. It was pretty neat because on our shuttle to the hotel there were a few groups. There was our Church group on the way to Israel, a family with a few kids on their way (as missionaries) to China, and another girl (a missionary) on her way somewhere.  It’s a nice hotel and quite large in the scheme of NYC hotels. . . as I hear. The hotel is in Jamaica, NY.  I shared the room with two other ladies from my group. We ordered dinner out (I had Chinese . . . and I’ve had better, but at least it was edible). We were thinking about going to the Statue & Ground Zero this morning, but then decided that we wouldn’t really have ample time before we had to leave for our plane. Instead we all decided to get a Taxi (which was about $250 round trip and one of the couples decided to totally pay for) last night and go to Time Square and see the lights. I’m glad we made that choice!

I was beside myself!!! I have wanted to visit New York for a really long time and was SOOOO very excited!  We walked and walked. I had a NYC hot dog and a big slice of cheese cake. We shopped “knock-off” vendors and took a bunch of pictures. We ended up spending over 3 hrs just walking around. There were people everywhere and everyone seemed friendly. The same Taxi driver picked us up and gave us a tiny tour on the way back. We had a great time. but were all exhausted when we got back. I slept pretty good last night and woke up just past 8am & came down for continental breakfast. After that I took a shower and got ready for the day ahead. We leave for the airport again about 12:30 pm and are off for the next leg of our adventure. It’s overcast and cloudy again, but at least there’s no snow!!! We fly Turkish Air for this next flight into Turkey (aprox 10hrs in the air). There will be a short layover in Turkey and then it’s off for the last part of the trip into TelAviv (aprox 2 more hrs). I will post again as soon as I can. I will also upload more pics on my facebook page. God bless and see you all again soon!


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